Membership Contact Update Form


Dear Local 3 RWDSU Members,

We hope this finds you all safe and doing well.

As we continue to live through, battle and maneuver through this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to be able to communicate with all of you as quickly and as easily as possible. As you may know, we are also entering into the collective bargaining season very soon. Its paramount that we have updated member contact information for current Local 3 members, so we can communicate pertinent information as well as update you on the process.

Below is a link for you to update your information. Please fill out all the fields and be sure to include your mobile phone number and personal email address. Please refrain from using the Bloomingdale’s email addresses as a contact. If you received this and you are no longer employed by Bloomindales, please fill out the appropriate field stating that you are no longer employed so we can remove you from the contact list.


We appreciate your help in obtaining this information and please know that we will only contact you with important matters. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Thank you and in Union Solidarity……Stronger Together!


President Local 3, Cassandra A. Berrocal
Secretary-Treasurer, Shaun Kavanaugh

Recorder, Costello Dash 

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